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Pool Baron Underwater LED Pool Lighting Splice Kit

Designed to splice new lights in pools when you cannot remove the existing cord.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED:  Heat Gun or Propane Torch

This kit provides a double layer of protection for underwater installation.  You can optionally add a third layer by simply using “Liquid Black Tape” which is available at Lowe's or Home depot. If you decide to use the triple layer option, apply the liquid black tape after installing and applying heat to the connectors, let it dry and then add the included black shrink tube for the third layer.

For the two layers, you use heat shrink butt connectors and a second layer of heat shrink tubing.  Both must be heat sealed.  You must put the large tubing on one side of the cord before beginning step 1 so that after the 2-3 wires are crimped and sealed you are able to slide the larger tube over the butt connectors to get the second heat shrink seal. 

  1. Slide the black tubing over one side of the cord, you will apply heat to this as the final step to provide a layer over each individual wire that are connected beginning in step 2
  2. Cut the wires on both sides so they are staggered, you don’t want all three connectors at the same place as this will cause a huge bulge in the wire, you want it to be even so the black tubing is close to the same size as the original cords you are underwater led light splice kit
  3. Peel the wire with a suitable length to suit the connector, insert into the connector. Make sure the peeled wire is stick to the copper in the connector.
  4. Use a crimping plier to crimp the connector with one of the wires, make sure the wire and copper in the connector is joined underwater led light splice kit
  5. You could see the right wire and connector after crimping as below pictured. Make sure it is well underwater led light splice kit
  6. Repeat for the other end of underwater led light splice kit
  7. Now the wire and connector will look like as below underwater led light splice kit
  8. Shrink the connector with a heat gun. Note: you should shrink it from one side to other other side slowly. The outer heat shrink tubing will be completely shrunk over 130 for underwater led light splice kit
  9. Finished as below picture. underwater led light splice kit
  10. Slide the black tube making sure it covers all the wires you just connectedflorida sunseeker splice kit
  11. Evenly apply heat over the length and around the diameter of the tubing, until it is uniformly shrunken and conforms to the shape of the cable, hose, splice or action figure that it's covering. Immediately remove the heat source, and allow the tubing to cool slowly before you apply physical stress to it.
  12. Make sure to avoid over-heating. The last thing you want is charred, brittle heat shrink tubing after you've spent all that time and dragon breath.

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