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About Us

Florida Sunseeker is a manufacturer and distributor of underwater LED lights.  We originally started out by installing custom solutions for customers with unique pool LED lighting requirements in Miami and south Florida. But now this website is our primary focus and where you can find all of our standard products. Many of our products are now private labelled and sold under other name brands at traditional retail outlets. But be assured anything found here is direct from the manufacturer, at the lowest cost and not re-branded nor private labeled.

We use OEM color LED lighting products as table stakes which we must surpass to make customers happy. All design, engineering, testing and logistics are performed at our primary facility in Pompano Beach Florida USA. Custom parts and components are produced via one of our contract manufacturers. These components are integrated into many of the standard products found on this website. 

Our goal is to sell with prices that are below the competition.  That's not easy and why we constantly try new things here.  Many of the items you will find here may not be found anywhere else because we design, manufacture, brand, market and ship about 99% of our inventory. Most competitors simply resell other companies products.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other company in the USA that sells a brighter or more energy efficient color LED pool lighting product in the market. We continually evolve our products and innovate rapidly to provide the best products in the market.  We believe that we are still agile enough to beat most competitors on selection, quality and price.  Producing our own components and having low overhead and a direct to consumer model allows us to keep our prices below the competition.  Don't mistake our low prices with low quality as we don't cut corners and use better components then the competition and back up all of our products with warranties that meet or exceed industry norms.

Unlike many of our competitors, we use the latest and greatest LED technology not to be bleeding edge, but because it allows us to create better and less expensive products.  We are still nimble enough to upgrade our product lines several times a year as technology dictates. Color LED underwater lights are our specialty and our high end bulbs and fixtures are by far the brightest and best lights you will find.

We have taken the lessons learned with custom installations over the years and created a set of standardized parts and products that work in most standard fixtures and as OEM replacement parts.  We have solutions for both standard and non-standard pool lights and niches that do not require expensive rip and replace installations. Our upgrade kits were designed to leverage the investments you have already made. Our heritage in providing the best underwater color LED lighting installations in all of south Florida is evident in all of our pool lighting products which we now distribute world wide.

Items ship out of one of our three USA based warehouses Monday through Friday via either UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS depending on the destination and weight of the package.

All of our items include free shipping within the continental US. International order shipping charges are calculated at checkout and are a straight pass through cost which we do not add fees to.

If you ever have an issue feel free to contact us at or call us on the phone at 954-613-2777.