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Get Started Building Your Backyard Pool in 3 Easy steps

April 12, 2017

Get Started Building Your Backyard Pool in 3 Easy steps


What’s on your dream pool bucket-list and what are its must-have features? Make a list so that you are prepared when meeting with pool builders, then follow these three steps to get started building your backyard pool:

Step 1: Choose Your Pool Builder

Now that you have your list of desired features and questions, make appointments with a few pool builders.

You’ll want to establish a relationship with a reputable pool builder who will offer design and construction services that take your needs and desires into consideration. They will create a design that is compatible with your unique home and backyard. Reputable pool builders provide five important advantages to home owners:

Expertise in pool functionality, current technology, energy-efficiency, and safety
Relationships with local building officials, building trades, artisans, and product suppliers
Experience designing and building in-ground pools in your area
Knowledge of design trends in the pool and home-building industries
Skill in the construction of pools, spas, decks, and patios
How do you find a great pool builder? Get references! Start by talking to friends and neighbors who have had a great experience building their swimming pool. Get recommendations from your local pool store and maintenance professional.

For a list of reputable pool builders in your area, visit the Hayward Dealer Locator. Just enter your zip code – the tool will give you the names and contact information for pool pros that are close to your home.

Step 2: Design Your Backyard Pool

Once you have chosen a pool builder, you’ll want to work with them to design your pool.

Reputable pool builders are licensed, bonded and insured and they will provide important advice and expertise. They will accompany you on a journey resulting in the pool of your dreams; a beautiful and technologically advanced swimming pool environment.

You’ll want to take into consideration the configuration of your yard and the relationship with the house and other structures. Consider the physical factors when planning a pool such as pool finishes, pool location, sun angles, pool shape, available utilities, paving, landscaping, fencing, important adjacencies, and more.

Technology plays a key role in designing and operating a pool, so learn the basics of how a pool works. Choose products that incorporate the latest in pool technology. Consider the long-term cost of operating a pool and choose energy-efficient products, such as VS pumps. Energy-efficient products may qualify for rebates, so be sure to check with your local utility.

Beauty and quality go hand-in-hand. When installed and maintained properly, quality materials perform predictably over a long period of time. They maintain their form, color and finish and they perform under a variety of conditions. In the long-run, quality materials will perform better and last longer.

Your pool builder will give you good advice, saving you time, money, and trouble on your backyard pool project, while maximizing safety and energy-efficiency.

Step 3: Build Your Backyard Pool

Once the design of your pool and backyard environment is finalized, your pool builder will get permits and arrange for inspections, call utility location services, and layout the pool, spa and surrounding paved areas.

They will excavate for the backyard pool and install mechanical and electrical systems. This may include plumbing piping, hoses and pool equipment (pump, filter, sanitization, heater), electrical services including bonding and grounding the pool, gas piping for heaters, and more.

The pool walls and floors will be installed and, depending on the design of the pool, your contractor may install specialty finishes such as tile, plaster, and rocks. Unique finishes can add lots of pizzazz and personality to a pool.

Once the pool is complete, it will be filled to the proper level. The water, structure, and all equipment will be checked for proper functioning and safety before it is made available for use.

Finally, Enjoy Your New Pool!

Congratulations on creating the pool of your dreams! Your special pool environment will be the center of your family’s outdoor activity.

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