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PoolTone™ 16 Color LED Upgrade Kit for Jandy® Zodiac® WPHV & WPLV Large pool size


This kit allows you to upgrade your exiting Jandy® Zodiac®  Pool lights to color LED. The front of the fixture looks like the picture below.  If it looks like that and is approximately 11 inches in diameter including the rim, then this is the kit you need.
There are several options available.  First you must determine if your light is 12VAC or 120VAC.  Both look exactly the same, the only difference is the bulb inside which also looks the same.  Some counties in the US require 12VAC pool lighting by law, most don't, but you could have either.  Use the options above to select proper voltage.  Using improper voltage will destroy the bulb.
Second option is the wattage, see description below:
This kit allows you to upgrade your existing Jandy® WPHV & WPLV lights to color LED.  No need to drain your pool or spa and no need to buy an entire new lighting system. Using state of the art LED technology, this kit will allow you to breathe new life and a greater appreciation for the investments you have already made at a fraction of the cost of installing new color LED fixtures.  
It will positively upgrade the way your entire backyard looks at night and is literally as easy as changing a light bulb!  
This kit consists of the following:
1 - 16 Color LED Bulb
1 - Lens Gasket
1 - Brass Pilot screw with gum washer
Fits all standard pool niches
Brand New Direct Replacement Underwater Pool Light upgrade kits in either 
12 or 120 Volt AC
18 Watts or 35 Watts
We use PoolTone™ Color LED Bulbs which are 75 - 300% brighter than OEM
Our 18 Watt version has 244 individual smd RGB leds on the board
Our 35 Watt version has 488 individual smd RGB leds on the board
Depending on the size of your pool and the number of lights in your pool you may or may not notice a difference between the two versions.
As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that if your pool is over 12,000 gallons or larger than about 10 X 30 Feet, go with the higher watt version.  If your pool is around the dimensions listed above or smaller, save your money as you likely won't notice much of a difference.  Our 18W version will saturate most pools with color, and only on larger pools do you notice the difference at the furthest parts from where the light is installed.  Our 18W version is approximately 75% brighter than the comparable intellibrite light.
This bulb has 16 color options
7 Solid colors - 9 Color shows
Neutral White, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Cyan and Purple
The color shows include: Smooth Color Transition,
Single Color Fade, Medium Color Changing, and Fast Color Changing
Lights are controlled by light switch, no separate controllers needed.
To change your light setting, simply turn off/on within 8 seconds to advance to next color option.
Lights have a memory function so when turned off longer than 8 seconds they will remember the last setting when turned back on.

Free Shipping within the US via FedEx Ground or USPS depending on your location
Bulbs are covered by a 1 year warranty