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PoolTone™ 791081, 79108100 White LED 12v Pool/spa

Direct Replacement for Pentair® SpaBrite® fixtures.
Can be used to replace the 100 Watt bulb
Equivalent brightness yet never burns out
Will work until it gets wet, change gasket when replacing bulb
If you have a 75 Watt version, please see our listing for MR16 version or give us a call as we do have a replacement for the 2 pin 75W version
About TWO Times as Bright as
OEM Hayward® and Pentair® WHITE LED's 
Brighter than competitors Pure White bulbs at less cost
This bulb allows you to upgrade your Pentair, Jandy or Hayward
Spa Size Incandescent Lights to WHITE LED's
No need to drain your pool or spa and no need to buy an entire new lighting system
Using state of the art LED technology this bulb will allow
you to breath new life and a greater appreciation
for the investments you have already made.
Compatible with the bulb inside the following niches:
 Hayward Astrolite II® SP059
 Pentair SpaBrite®
We recommend you install a new gasket with this bulb.