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Pentair® Bulbs

PoolTone™ Color LED SPA Light Bulb 1900 Lumens 12V RGB for Hayward® Pentair® Lights

Our Bulbs are about TWO Times as Bright as
OEM Hayward® and Pentair® Color LED's 
This bulb allows you to upgrade your Pentair, Jandy or Hayward
Spa Size Incandescent Lights to color LED's
No need to drain your pool or spa and no need to buy an entire new lighting system
Using state of the art LED technology this bulb will allow
you to breath new life and a greater appreciation
for the investments you have already made.
Compatible with the bulb inside the following niches:
 Hayward® Astrolite II® SP059
 Pentair® SpaBrite®
16 Color/Show Options
Long working life, up to 50,000 hours.
Easy to install, fits standard spa light enclosures
Voltage: 12VAC
PVC housing
Controlled by light switch, no additional controller required
We recommend you install a new gasket with this bulb.  We stock Hayward® and Pentair® SPA Size gaskets and can be purchased at the links below:
**NOTE Voltage and Water exposure**
This bulb only works with 12V AC pool safety transformers
If bulb is installed into a 120V light socket it will immediately burn up the control chips and destroy the bulb. New installations require a new lens gasket. Fully assembled lights and kits come with a new seal but bulbs do not. It is impossible to get a water tight seal without using a new gasket.
Gaskets lose their elasticity and ability to create a long term water tight seal within 30-90 days of exposure to chlorine pool water and cannot be reused
Warranty does not cover failure due to incorrect voltage or water exposure
All warranty claims require return shipping of defective bulb
Bulbs contain a voltage and water sensor - We disassemble all defective bulbs for inspection on all warranty claims. If you are unsure of how to install or proper voltage please call before installation 754-444-6008
Bulbs are covered by a 1 year warranty, click on link below for full warranty details