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Pool Baron Color LED Colors

October 18, 2017

All of the lights and bulbs that we sell under the Pool Baron brand use the same control and logic chips inside of them.  So it doesn't matter what size bulb, what type of fixture or size of fixture you purchase from us, they all have the same 16 color/show options.

This is very important for a number or reasons, but primarily it is because if you have multiple lights in your pool or spa, the lights can synchronize so that they are all on the same color or show that you choose.  Many of our customers will use different sizes and styles of lights for their application.  This could be items like a separate hot tub, spa, jaccuzzi or waterfall type affect.  Being able to keep these lights in synch is key to many use cases.

All of our lights do not require a separate controller like some competitor brands.  This is valuable for a number or reasons, but primarily how it affects your pocket book.  Many controllers range in price from $250 - $4000 depending on which type you may be required to have to control your lights.

We try to design and keep our products simple.  You can integrate most light controllers into our lights but it is optional and there are many controllers that can give similar functionality at a fraction of the price that I mentioned above.  Since the lights are simply controlled by your existing light switch, by simply turning the lights off/on you can toggle between colors and shows.

One of the key features in all of our lights is the memory function.  We find that most customers tend to settle on either a color or light show that they like and after the intial novelty of all of the color options wears off, they stick with one.  The way the memory functions works is once you reach your desired color or show, it will always stay there unless you toggle to change the color.  As an example, if you like the blue color and have your lights on blue and turn them off for the night.  The next day or next time you turn them on they start on blue where you left them off.

Don't be fooled by some of the lights and bulbs that you see with remote controls.  The only exception to what I am stating are the controllers that costs $1000 and up as they are very good controllers.  But some of the cheaper ones you see online are a waste of money and in fact cause more problems then they solve.  We did build some prototypes and trialed some of our bulbs and lights with remotes and ended up discontinuing those options.  There were many reasons for this but below are the main reasons:

1 - Integrated remotes require a radio frequency chip inside the lights and bulbs that consume a lot of power and use up valuable real estate.  This results in giving up some of the colors and light shows that you find in our products.

2 - The radio frequency chips simply do not work very well underwater.  The distance and range is very limited and often result in either not working or working on only 1 of multiple lights.  This creates a constant problem with synchronization.

3 - Remote hardware is lacking.  The commercial remotes available today which are reasonably prices are simply not very sturdy.  A single drop on your patio or even worse drop in the pool render them broken and useless.  Even getting them wet by the pool tends to break most of them.

4 - Loss of memory function and color and show options.  Again the circuit boards have limited room for added chips, the remote option takes away many valuable features.

The current state of the market in our opinion falls into two categories.  Novelty and/or gimmick type remotes, and very high end light controllers that run into the thousands.  Stay away from the cheap options and stick to what is tried and true.  Just turn your light on/off to change the color.  You will be glad you made the decision and it is much easier on your pocket book.  Below are a sample of the colors from our lights.

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rich hughes
rich hughes

April 18, 2022

I am looking for a replacement led pool light engine for my Pentair Intellibrite LED pool light. It is NOT a bulb. What are my options available. Would the aftermarket Pool Baron just be plug and play with the wire harness?

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