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Rubber plug for Skimmer or Return Lines - Expands 1-2 Inchs for PVC Leak Detection and Troubleshooting

Tapered Rubber Expansion Plug
Stainless Steel Wings & Bolts
Heavy Duty Rubber
Swimming Pool Pipe diameter 1 1/2'' - 2''
Swimming Pools & Spas
Prevents Water From Leaking and Cracking Plumbing
Metal Part is Made From Stainless Steel
Use when diagnosing leaking underwater pipes 
Fits all standard 1 1/2 or 2 inch in ground pipes for return or skimmers
Expands to tightly seal by turning steel wing nut

PLUG. PROTECT. FORGET: Your search for the perfect pool winter plug is over! Use the 1.5" to 2" freeze plugs to protect your pool against the harsh winter season. A simple solution which prevents your pool from running into serious damage.
ONE PLUG, MANY USES: Used as pipe plugs, to plug skimmers, returns and cleaner lines - to prevent water from entering the pipes during winter. Expansion plugs have other uses too, such as pressure testing pool lines or other methods of leak detection, or stopping water flow from the pool when equipment repairs are made.
WILL STAND BY YOU: Heavy duty plugs made with stainless steel bolts, rubber compression body and are corrosion resistant. Made to work day in, day out. Will last you for many seasons. Buy once and never look back!