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Sta-Rite® SwimQuip® with Pool Tone® 16 Color LED Pool And Spa Light 12V 25 Ft Cord 16 Colors

These are new Sta-Rite® SwimQuip® fixtures with Pool Tone® 16 color LED LED's
12 Volts with cord lengths between 25 Feet of cord
These Lights and Niches are most commonly found in older pools as the model was discontinued. Please note the diameters of the lights, this niche enclosure is no longer manufactured, but these lights can be used in those niches as an eas upgrade to color LED. This light can only fit into 6" niches, look closely at the measurements below:


Sta-Rite Color LED 12V Underwater Lighting Stainless Steel Face Rim with 25 Foot Cord.  
Features stainless steel trim ring corrosion free performance.  
E-Z lock clamp and reflector for faster and easier re-lamping of the light.
16 Types of Colors/Shows 
Switch ON/OFF can change the color program.
High Quality LED's
Solid Color Modes: White, Red, Green, Blue, Blue/Green, Red/Green, and Blue/Red Animations (Faded/transition from color to color) Red to Blue Red to Green Blue to Green Red, Blue to Green All 3 Colors Rainbow (All 6 Colors) Slow Transition All Colors Party Mode (Fast to Slow Flashing)
Lights are controlled by the light switch so no need for additional light controllers.
Lights are simply controlled by turning lights on and off.