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Here, in Sunny Florida, we are grateful to all of you that are helping to flatten the CoronaVirus curve by staying at home to slow the spread.  Thank you.
Our inventory is fully in stock and we are shipping out (same day) on any orders received before 2pm EST Monday through Friday. 
***Refunds between April 1 and June 1 may be delayed. 
If you have any questions prior to placing your order,
please call our pool lighting experts for advice.
Since most of us will be staying home more than usual, having a beautifully colored LED pool light is more important than ever! 
In consideration of the current situation, 
All shipping within the USA is FREE
All taxes are waived to the best of our ability and we are removing any and all state and local taxes at checkout.

Use the discount code NOCOVID at CHECKOUT to receive 5% off your total order
We are all in this together.  Stay home.  Enjoy your family.
Stay safe and enjoy your pool!
The Florida Sunseeker Family